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15 Март 2019

The breath of cork applications.

The cork industry, especially in the last decades, has made tremendous efforts and headway in order to catapult cork as a versatile and multi-application raw material of excellence, namely due to its unique set of features and eco-friendliness by developing new agglomeration techniques and solutions.
In the beginning it was quite challenging, due to the rooted perception, especially of the consumers, of the limited applications that were traditionally possible for cork as a raw material: wall covering, insulation and fishing appliances.
Nevertheless and as soon as people realized the advantages of cork products on different applications, cork solutions enjoyed a rapid growth and dissemination throughout the world. Today, there are still markets that have a more traditional idea of cork products and solutions, but don’t worry: CORKSRIBAS is coming your way!
Still we would like to highlight some of the more interesting solutions cork industry has available for the construction sector, mainly:
- cork underlay: an excellent sound and thermic insulation solution due to the natural and unique properties of cork
- corkjoints: ready to endure extensive years of use in the most demanding infrastructures in the world, preventing early degradation and cracking (for example) 
- cork insulation boards: some solutions are 100% natural.
On the follow-up article cutting edge cork solutions that have been developed so far will be the focal point.