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Cork: Superior Performer in Yoga Practice .

Find out the benefits of cork in yoga practice.

Cork Wall Tiles: Great choice in acoustic & thermal insulation.

Find out the benefits that cork wall tiles have to offer!

Cork in Space Rockets .

Discover how cork has reached for the stars.

Cork. Natural, healthy performer in footbeds.

Cork has proved to have an excellent performance and great result...

"Microplastics in sports fields are a health hazard."

Environmental associations warn that the frequent use of granules...

Sustainable Construction Products Made from Cork.

Check out a brief list of sustainable construction products made ...

Green Flow: The new generation of cork flooring.

A 100% PVC Free with Negative Carbon Footprint and waterproof cor...

Many Reasons to choose Cork Underlayment Solutions.

Cork Underlayment combines the most advanced technology with cork...

Cork Flooring - great choice for a cleaner home .

Cork Flooring is the greatest choice to anyone trying to prioriti...

CORKSRIBAS launches Green Flow Collection.

A new generation of cork flooring with carbon negative footprint.

Green Flow at Surfaces 2020 .

CORKSRIBAS will be present at Surfaces 2020, Las Vegas, on 28-30 ...

Green Flow Official Launch at IDS .

Green Flow Collection will be launched at IDS 2020. 

The Advantages of Cork Insulation .

Cork is known by its thermal, noise and vibration insulation prop...

The use of cork as a decoration material .

Cork has been dazzling us for generations. 

CORKSRIBAS Reference Cork Projects.

Cork as a Vibration Control Solution.

CORKSRIBAS vibration control products have a great performance at...

Cork Benefits on Footwear Industry.

CORKSRIBAS range of cork products intended to the footwear indust...

Cork Underlayment: A Unique set of benefits.

Although it is not visible to your eyes, underlayment adds value ...

CORKSRIBAS Business Corporation attending 50th MBC Construction EXPO .

CORKSRIBAS attended the 50th MBC Construction EXPO - held at Kint...

Why Cork Flooring Solutions?

Find out why cork floor is the greater choice. 

Why CORKSRIBAS Natural Infill.

A sustainable and ecological artificial grass infill material.

How cork can help Sustainable Construction.

How we can minimize our environmental impact in the construction ...

World's first zero carbon footprint wine closure.

This brief text is a challenge to readers all over the world, esp...

The breath of cork applications.

The cork industry, especially in the last decades, has made treme...