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15 Mars 2019

World's first zero carbon footprint wine closure.

This brief text is a challenge to readers all over the world, especially people with ties to the closures/ stoppers business, to really analyse and comment on a recently published article, talking about the world's first zero carbon footprint wine closure.
Although the productive process for such a “ground-breaking” solution is unknown, one must wonder if it is in fact zero carbon, considering that the raw material needs to be processed and transformed somehow (not to mention transported).
On the other hand, we have the traditional natural cork wine closure which is simply prepared and treated.
Nevertheless and focusing on the carbon footprint, the traditional natural cork wine closure in fact helps reducing the carbon footprint (thus negative carbon footprint), because:
- cork oak trees are not cut down to produce cork stoppers
- actually, cork oak trees are protected
- the debarking of the cork oak tree helps it live longer
- being a tree, it in fact retains carbon.
On a final note, one must emphasize the delicate and important balance of air transference facilitated by the natural cork stopper that the “zero carbon footprint wine closure” mentioned solution probably is not able to reproduce and which is vital to assure a quality wine.