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24 Avril 2019

Why CORKSRIBAS Natural Infill.

Natural Infill – a sustainable and ecological artificial grass infill material - derive from a long process of research and development between CORKSRIBAS and one of our partners.

Through this article, we want to show you the significant advantages over plastic or rubber- based synthetic infills.

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Pure Nature
Natural Infill System is an artificial grass construction that makes use of a unique organic infill, which is composed of 100% high-performance cork.
CORKSRIBAS Infill is pure nature with no additives. The cultivation and processing of the 100% Cork is also carried out in perfect harmony with nature from start to finish.

A Totally Organic Substance
Cork is totally organic substance that comes from the cork oak tree. Cork is harvested on cork plantations, where it is harvested from cork oaks at nine-year intervals. When the harvested oak begins to regenerate its cork, the tree will absorb up to 10 times as much CO2 from the atmosphere, which is good for the environment.
Moreover the cork cultivation process does not negatively impact the environment.

100% Recyclable with no Quality Loss and no Waste by Products
Cork is an organic product in and of itself.
The cork infill can be completely reused without sacrificing any quality and without producing any waste by products.

In contrast to traditional rubber infill, which can generate unpleasant odors, cork infill is totally organic, odorless substance.

Burn Inhibiting
Cork does not burn. In the event a cigarette butt or anything else that is burning ends up to the pitch, it will be extinguished.

Stable and Capable of Retaining Its Shape
Cork is a very resilient material. Cork possesses a unique and delicate cell structure. When the cells are compressed, the air inside the cells is also compressed. When this pressure subsides, the cork assumes its original shape. This means that cork will not crumble or become deformed. Cork absorbs hardly any water. It is therefore not susceptible to damage from hot or cold extremes, or to stretching or shrinkage.
Natural, Long-lasting Shock Absorption 
With 12 million air cells per cubic centimeter - 90% which is composed of air – cork behaves like a car’s airbag: it absorbs vibration and shocks. This minimizes the risk of injuries during the game. The better that vibrations are absorbed, the firmer the player’s stance is on the pitch. In addition to an ecological solution, Natural Infill also provides for a safer, more pleasant game.

Not a Medium for Microorganisms 
Cork is not a viable medium for microorganisms. If and injury occurs, there is no risk of bacteria accumulating in the grass mat or being introduced into the wound.

Drains Off Water 
Cork is moisture proof – it does not absorb moisture, so it cannot get wet “from inside” either. With the cork infill, rain will simply draing off.
This means that a pitch with cork infill will dry very quickly.

Cork has a low thermal conductance due to its cellular structure. This helps to keep the pitch cooler. Tests show that a pitch with Natural Infill will heat up as much as 30% less when exposed to a heat source (simulated sunshine) than a pitch with a rubber infill.

CORKSRIBAS Natural Infill can be used to replace all traditional infill products, such as SBR, EPDM and TPE, and has been successfully tested in an accredited laboratory to both FIFA1 and 2 STAR standards.

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