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24 Juillet 2019

The Advantages of Cork Insulation .

Cork is harvested from the renewable bark of the cork oak tree and is a 100% natural product.
It has a unique mechanical, physical and chemical properties being very versatile, very light, elastic, flexible, impermeable to gases or liquids and good electric insulator.

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The material is extremely versatile, so one can use it for many insulation purposes such as:

Pitched roofs | Flat roofs | Green roofs
CORKSRIBAS insulation corkboards are lightweight and easy to saw which make these panels suitable for roof installation.
Covering the roof with insulation corkboard is enough to considerably improve its acoustic and thermal conditions.

Electrical floor heating | Traditional floor heating | Girder-floor filling | Floating floors | Wooden floors
To reduce the sound level of repercussion between levels, it’s necessary to introduce a flexible element – insulation corkboard – between the floor covering and concrete slab.

Concrete walls | Double-walls | Steel framed walls
Designed for the acoustic correction of certain environments, Insulation Corkboard reduces sound levels to achieve sound absorption and acoustic treatment where it is desired to reduce echo effect.

Exterior walls.
The unique and exquisite design of the boards offer a unique cork cladding finish with excellent thermal and acoustic performance.

Cork insulation benefits:
Excellent performance at thermal and acoustic insulation | Excellent mechanical resistance | Excellent system inertia | Dimensional stability of the material;
High durability without lose of features | Healthier natural product | Comfort with healthy insulation | Excellent breathability | Allows energy saving | Long term effectiveness.

The use of 100% natural expanded cork boards ensures maximum thermal insulation and significant acoustic insulation

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