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19 Juin 2020

Many Reasons to choose Cork Underlayment Solutions.

Silent Cork Underlay is an excellent insulation material manufactured from cork, a nature’s wonder. It is used as an underlayment or between concrete blocks for insulating step sound, airborne sound and heat.
Cork Underlayment may be used in both glued-down and floating floor systems and with any type of final flooring, such as prefabricated parquet, laminate, hardwood, pvc, linoleum, ceramic, marble, and slate stone.

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1 - Silent Cork Underlay is the only one-layer product that insulates against both sound and heat. Generally, sound insulation materials are expected to be of high density and the opposite can be expected for heat insulators.
Hence, materials suitable for sound insulation cannot readily insulate heat and vice versa. The unique natural properties of cork enables Silent Cork Underlay to provide also excellent heat insulation.
2 - It efficiently absorbs step sounds on hard surfaces.
3 - Protects your flooring against moisture and mold.
4 - Cork Underlay protects your flooring against cracks and slumps.
5 - Prevents bends and gaps that may occur in flooring.
6 - Covers irregularities on the concrete surface underneath final flooring.
7 - Cork Underlay retains its original thickness and insulation properties during the entire lifetime of a building, due to the micro-cellular structure of cork.
8 - It is resistant against instant and strong impacts. By absorbing the impact energy, cork underlay protects the stability and physical structure of your flooring.
9 - It is suitable for hot-water underfloor heating systems.

10 - It can be applied in places where low structural heights are desirable.
11 - Cork Underlayment is easy to use. Anyone can install it.
12 - It’s soft and flexible and can be easily cut using a box cutter and adapted to fit any shape or curve.
13 - Cork is naturally flame-retardant and poisonous gases are never emitted.
14 - Does not contain carcinogens or other hazardous substances that may be harmful to health.
15 - Effectively prevents insects and vermin thanks to suberin, a substance occurring naturally in cork.
16 - Cork is an antibacterial product.
17 - Cork Underlay is hypoallergenic and recommended for use in anti-allergy rooms.
18 - It is friendly towards the environment. No toxic waste is produced during cork underlay manufacturing and the entire product is recyclable.
19 - Cork Underlayment is produced without cutting down any tree. Cork is simply the bark of the cork oak tree. The bark is regularly harvested in a process that actually enhances the life span of the tree.


Presenting a natural and healthy alternative, combined with excellent insulation properties, Silent Cork Underlay is widely used in leading construction projects including residential buildings, hotels, hospitals and educational facilities.

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