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26 Juin 2020

Green Flow: The new generation of cork flooring.

The word “Sustainability” has been increasingly present nowadays and the search for materials that support the need of an environmental conscious thinking is getting bigger throughout all generations.

The cork industry is remarkably sustainable, by using a raw material that is cyclically extracted from cork oaks, without harming them. This noble raw material is transformed into products of high added value, therefore promoting the economic and social sustainability of areas at risk of desertification.

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The launch of this new cork flooring collection embraces our commitment of developing a perfect product, not only in terms of performance, but also according to CORKSRIBAS awareness on environmental protection.

Our cork floors are produced from 100% pure natural cork materials, assuring that any waste is inserted back into the production process. This contributes for a negative carbon footprint, therefore reducing global warming and improving the general sustainability of our planet. In a globally conscious world, fully aware of the importance of protecting our environment, cork is definitely the most sensible and ecological choice.

The ultimate technology present in this product - Solid Cork Core - consists of an engineered, highly compressed cork core. This offers an extremely high stability, which allows Green Flow Cork Flooring to be installed in any residential or commercial project. It comes with a built-in high performance cork underlay membrane, which enhances comfort and sound insulation.

Waterproof Green Flow Cork Flooring will not warp or buckle, even in submerged water.
Engineered Cork Composite PVC Free
Heavy density > 950kgs/m3: Eliminates ripples and waves caused by uneven subfloors.
Ideal for Large Commercial Areas Installation: Up-to 300m2 | 3200sqft without any transitions.

Green Flow Cork Flooring is available in Genuine Cork, Wood Visuals, Mosaic and Beton Visuals

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