Granulated Cork.

Granulated cork is basically an intermediate product between raw material and final product, subsequently, from these proceeds are obtained the most sophisticated products, under various strict chemical operations and first class quality control, using the most modernized and up-to-date systems.

CORKSRIBAS has a modern and sophisticated up-to-date system for turning raw material (cork wastes), which is the proceeds of natural cork stoppers manufacturing, principally the cork stoppers, into granulated cork.
In the making of granulated cork, a sequence of operations requires permanent control for which we have a special research laboratory, with its technical know-how and a perfect quality control procedure of the most important factors, such as: granulometry, specific weight, humidity, purity, etc.
Crushing through a complementary milling process, changing raw materials, becomes the first phase, obtaining various sizes or dimensions, passing through a heated tunnel for total humidity extraction, therefore, a very low content is obtained complying with international rules.

The next step is a strict selection of different granules obtained, taking into consideration the caliber (processed through screens with different mesh) and also purity and quality (through adjusted vibration and pneumatic suction). The lightest granules (without adding impurities) are easily sucked in by pneumatic action due to their specific weight, with uniformity of calibers.


INDUSTRY: agglomerated corks, champagne corks, packing, battery elements, etc…
CONSTRUCTION: thermal insulation, brick and concrete walls (filling purposes), etc…
SPORTS: baseball balls, fishing accessories, badminton shuttles, roller hockey balls, etc…

BD (best density), which is our best quality product with a low density with 45/55 Kgs/m3 
MD (medium density), with a density of 75/85 Kgs/m3 which a good choice, offering a great value.

A wide range of sizes are available corresponding to different mesh standards being the most common 0,5/1 mm; 1/2 mm, 2/3 mm and 3/7 mm.
Other sizes or specially tailored specifications can be developed to your specific requirements.

Depending on intended usage, granulated cork can be packed in different ways, from bags to hydraulically compressed bales.

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