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02 September 2020

Sustainable Construction Products Made from Cork.

Sustainability, eco-friendly, green thinking are some of the new words, which are permanently present in our daily lives.
The search for materials that are environmentally friendly has greatly enthused producers to label products has “green”, even though they are questionable when it comes to their origin.

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An eco-friendly construction material is one that requires very little energy to manufacture and produce, with a direct reduction in carbon emissions reducing impact on human well-being and the environment.
Buying sustainable and environmentally friendly products can be tricky, but the rule of thumb is to look for products made from natural and renewable materials, as well as products with recycled content.

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Check out a brief list of sustainable construction products made from cork for your home remodel:

Cork Flooring
Cork is a natural, recycled and renewable raw material. It is harvested without harming the trees as their bark renews itself every 9 years.
When applied on the floor it adds comfort as well as thermal and acoustic insulation. In terms of design, it is available not only in the classic cork patterns, but also in wood, mosaic and concrete looks, digitally printed on cork with 1000 DPI of resolution.

Cork Underlay
Cork is an excellent raw material, suitable to be installed under almost any floor covering with significant improvement at thermic and acoustic levels.
When compared to synthetic materials, cork becomes the right choice when looking for a solution that guarantees a viable performance but also the welfare of future generations.

Cork Wall Coverings
There is a wide array of innovative and environmentally friendly wall covering solutions, which provide the best possible combination of benefits such as indoor air quality, anti-allergic, bug resistant, anti-bacterial, acoustic and thermal insulation.

Cork Insulation
Solutions with high performance in thermal, acoustic and anti-vibration insulation, especially suitable for use in external and internal walls, roofs and floor. In this application area, cork brings together numerous advantages such as:
100% natural; very low embodied energy: carbon negative product; thermal insulation, acoustic and anti-vibration simultaneously; high dimensional stability; almost unlimited durability, keeping technical features; indoor air quality; resistant to compression; in case of fire does not release toxic gases; does not react to chemical agents: not attackable by rodents; and 100% recyclable and reusable in other applications.

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