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21 October 2020

Cork Wall Tiles: Great choice in acoustic & thermal insulation.

Today, the world is becoming more aware about sustainability and the impact that our choices can have in the future generations.
In the construction and decoration area, this is also changing. People are more sensible and conscious about the materials they use inside their homes.

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Regarding wall coverings, cork dominates as the greener option. Vivid colors, rich textures, and a strong visual effect are the main benefits that cork brings to your interior design.
When it comes to ensure the wellbeing of any space – private residence, office or public building - choosing materials like cork is the wisest choice.
The cork backing used in every tile reduces the sound transmission between and within rooms, creating a quieter and more peaceful environment, as well as improving thermal and acoustical insulation.
This represents an important advantage of cork, which allows a general saving in heating costs, and an overall improvement in the comfort of the house.

Durability, low maintenance, and LEED Certified - cork wall coverings are an absolute advantage for any home renovations.
CORKSRIBAS stands for environmentally friendly solutions, which is why the agglomerated cork backing of each cork wall tile is produced with the residual cork from cork stoppers mixed with special binders.

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