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09 November 2020

Cork: Superior Performer in Yoga Practice .

Cork has been dazzling us for generations. Despite being only looked at as wine bottle stoppers or as a bulletin board, cork is also very well known for being a sustainable and environmentally friendly material, with many applications go that go beyond our imagination.

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This noble raw material is making a serious splash in the yoga world, not only because of its performance, but also for being aligned with the healthy natural yogic lifestyle.
Here is the list of top six benefits of cork in yoga practice:

Eco-Friendly, Sustainable and Biodegradable
One of the main reasons that many yoga practitioners are choosing cork is its eco-friendliness and sustainability.
Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak tree, which is the only tree that can regenerate its bark after every harvest. No trees are damaged or cut down to harvest cork.
Cork is an outstanding ecological material, able to retain CO2 to a considerable level. The Portuguese Cork Oak Tree Forests retain approx. 14 million tons of CO₂ yearly.
Around 60% of a cork plank is composed of gaseous elements, which explains its extraordinary lightness.
This is an important benefit for yoga materials since they are often carried from one side to another. Cork yoga mats are much lighter than your typical rubber mat.
The suberin present in cork and its cellular structure provides a superior grip that gets better with moisture and sweat.
Sweat activates the grip, increases traction and the cellular structure absorbs excess sweat. This prevents sweat for pooling on your yoga mat, which can cause slipping.

Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Microbial
Yoga gear carry tons of bacteria, germs and odors that are not good for your health.
The antimicrobial properties in cork allows it to have water-resistant attributes and helps to promote a healthy and clean yoga material, as it prevents organisms to grow and colonize.
Skin Friendly
When choosing cork yoga materials you are providing a smooth and natural touch to your skin.
Chemically heavy and toxic PVC mats are harmful to your health and can cause dermal irritation.
Cork is extremely durable, and offers a lot of traction. It creates the perfect balance of cushion and traction so you can practice with ease on any surface.

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In a world full of options, finding the perfect yoga accessories that meet this lifestyle can be tricky.
Cork creates a high-performance yoga gear that are durable and a joy to practice on. It is safe to use and environmentally friendly.

For all these reasons, choose cork!

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