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27 April 2020

Cork Flooring - great choice for a cleaner home .

Coronavirus has changed the way we live starting from our basic routine to the way we look to our future. We are on hold down mode, practicing social distancing, forced to be more cognizant of germs and how this illness spreads.
Life after the Covid-19 outbreak will never be the same. Values ​​will change, our lives and habits will change, and our homes will change.

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Cork Flooring is the greatest choice to anyone trying to prioritize wellness – its cushioned surface is ideal for people with knee and back problems. Cork is naturally antimicrobial and water-resistant as well as anti-static, making it resistant to dust, allergens and other toxins, therefore cork flooring helps to keep a clean and healthy home environment.
Besides, cork flooring offer other great benefits including acoustic and thermal insulation, easy maintenance, and a soft surface beneath your feet.
The indoor air quality is an extremely important point to be considered in this worldwide pandemic. Our cork floors meet A+ Indoor Air Quality Standards.
Furthermore, the surface finish on CORKSRIBAS Cork Flooring prevents trapped dirt, dust, germs and mold, actively contributing to a healthy and hygienic environment.


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