General Applications.

Innovation and new techniques have been introduced in the cork industry helping the development of an amazing combination of new materials, challenging fashion designers and researchers to optimize its usages.

However its main application is for sealing wines and spirits, being the chosen material for more than 70% of the world wine producers.

Many of its uses are probably not known by the majority of consumers because they may not be visible but yet its benefits are remarkable and outstanding. Cork unique properties are available in many different forms: natural, granulated, agglomerated in blocks, sheets or rolls and in combination with other materials and unique formulations, making today’s living safer, more enjoyable and comfortable.

Cork properties make it an all-purpose problem solver and suitable for a wide range of applications: Energy Conservation | Flotation | Gasketing | Insulation | Load Bearing | Polishing | Sealing | Sound Dampening | Vibration Control | Weight Reduction.

The cork industry is living very innovative times and everyday new application areas are discovered using this extraordinary material. The suspense about the future makes us being aware and even more diligent in finding new avenues to satisfy the market needs and evolution.