General Applications



Ever since the V century B.C., Cork has been used as stopper on amphora for sealing wines. Later by 1680 used for the first time by the monk Don Pérignon to seal Champagne and from those ancient times until now, it has evolved into a versatile material used in several activities. From Baseballs to bottle-stoppers, to the heat shield of Space Shuttles, few naturally renewable materials can touch our lives so frequently as Cork.

Many of its uses are probably not known by the majority of us because they may be not visible to our eyes but yet its benefits are remarkable and outstanding. Cork unique properties available in many different shapes: Natural, Granulated, Agglomerated in blocks, sheets or rolls and in combination with other materials and unique formulations, make today’s living safer, more enjoyable and comfortable!

Cork properties make it an all-purpose problem solver and suitable for a wide range of applications:
    Energy Conservation
    Load Bearing
    Sound Dampening
    Vibration Control
    Weight Reduction

The above lists only few of the most common applications for Cork, but everyday new applications are discovered and builders, architects, engineers, scientists, fashion designers, interior designers and manufacturers of house-wares, sporting goods and leisure products select Cork due to its naturally renewable characteristics, for their exclusive and most demanding applications and for its biodegradable and environmentally friendly attributes.

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